Michael Zipfel – Mortgage Agent

Michael Zipfel is the founder and President of Zipfel Mortgage Group – Cincinnati’s Top Mortgage Broker for 10 years as rated by the Business Courier. He has been in the mortgage business since graduating with a finance degree from Miami University in 2001.

Early in his career, Michael focused on a fundamentally sound approach to home finance and quickly realized providing the most aggressive rates and terms requires a low overhead structure.

By taking an analytical approach to mortgage, Michael considers each borrower’s ownership horizon, credit & income scenario, down payment/equity position, and foreseeable life changes. Each of these factors can play a major role when selecting a mortgage product, and by knowing each one, Michael can give sound advice to maximize his clients’ dollars.

Additionally, Michael emphasizes providing no cost/low-cost mortgage options to provide lending solutions that minimize the risk of financial loss due to life’s curveballs. Meanwhile, providing scenarios that provide undeniable benefit to the borrower.

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